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Thanksgiving Trip – 2019

Took a road trip to Denver so the girls could play in the snow for the first time and see their best friend Wilde Nomad, Andrea. Here is a quick wrap up of the trip.

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Lucy was able to use spray paint for the first time at Cadillac Ranch. I think we have a graffiti artist in the making. Found some unexpected dinosaurs in Clayton and Tucumcari, NM.

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Little Wilde Nomad worker

Thanks to my little Wilde Nomad worker Goose. We got featured on a Personalized Mug.

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Dinosaur Tracks of Leander

Found out there were some Dinosaur tracks in our own “backyard.” So I had to take my little paleontologist. It is just a short half mile walk along the South San Gabriel River in Leander. Watch the for all the fun.

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