Parlor doors

I want to give a big shout out to Stephen at

Parlor Room

One of my favorite things about this old house are the original parlor doors. 8 feet of solid wood. When you close them you almost can’t hear anything else.

1910 Parlor Door

Due to settling, one of my doors came off track after trying to put it back into the pocket and became stuck about 95% of the way open. I have seen some many home improvement shows that would have just cut into the wall and turned them into barn doors. I wasn’t going to do that. I bought the home to have the Parlor.

After trying to trouble shoot, I thought it was best to contact a professional and not ruin the hangers.

I reached out to Stephen. He got back to me very quickly. After getting the trim out of the way, Stephen helped me figure out what type of hanger I had. Dix Noiseless Parlor Door Hangers and how I might get it on track.

Dix Noiseless Hangers

The biggest issue was the “interference fitting.” It is supposed to keep it from going off track, but in my case it was keeping it off the track.

After some shimming the door and a long screw driver I was able to manipulate it back on to the track. That is the simplest version of the story. I am not going to give away all of Stephen secrets, I would just say if you run into the issue, reach out, he is very happy to help.

Awesome Dog 5000

My former college roommate and best friend, who I don’t talk to near enough, just had his book released. It is AWESOME, literally! It’s called Awesome Dog 5000.

Awesome Dog 5000 Book 1

My girls love it. You will in enjoy reading it to your kids and hearing their laugh that you will cherish forever.

Texas Beer Company

One of my favorite things about living in Taylor, TX is the Texas Beer Company. From their own beer to the guest rotating taps, there is always a beer from someones taste.

There is also food options, most days Davis BBQ is there to sell some of their awesome BBQ. There is also pizza from the local 2nd Street Farm-To-Market.

One of the benefits of living in downtown Taylor is it is also just a short walk.