Taylor, TX

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making the short drive to Taylor, TX.

My wife and I decided to make the drive there because I had remembered driving through at night and that they had a nice old downtown. When we started to drive into town I wasn’t sure if I had remembered correctly, but then when we hit downtown I knew I was right.

We started to drive north on main and just north of downtown this house caught our eye .

So then we started exploring and it was incredible how many old Craftsman and Victorian homes were in this town. If you drive just west of main street you’ll find homes built anywhere from 1860 to 1940. Many of them have been restored but you can find some that you could restore yourself for a great price.

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Coxville Zoo

From 1939 to 1970 Austin’s Zoo was the Coxville Zoo. Below is the old gate that use to lead into it. The old zoo as well as the cabins, or whats left of them, is located in what is now Walnut Creek Park. Walnut Creek Park trails are mainly used for mountain biking, so watch out if you are on foot, be polite and move out of their way.

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