Trip to Terlingua

We took our first trip to Terlingua and it was awesome! We stayed at basecamp , stop at the Holland Hotel along the way. It is definitely a trip I would do again.

Cameron Park Zoo

Took a trip to Waco, TX to visit Cameron Park Zoo. If you haven’t been there it is one of the better Zoos in the Central Texas area.

Spring Break 2020

We got to take a short, much needed break in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this week before the Coronavirus really started to pick up steam on the social distancing.

Downtown Fort Worth
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Work Trip To DC

I had a customer visit last week in DC area, got to spend some time checking on some food in the area as well as finally getting a pic of me touching the Washington Monument.

It’s so little
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Thanksgiving Trip – 2019

Took a road trip to Denver so the girls could play in the snow for the first time and see their best friend Wilde Nomad, Andrea. Here is a quick wrap up of the trip.

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Lucy was able to use spray paint for the first time at Cadillac Ranch. I think we have a graffiti artist in the making. Found some unexpected dinosaurs in Clayton and Tucumcari, NM.

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