Spring Break 2020

We got to take a short, much needed break in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this week before the Coronavirus really started to pick up steam on the social distancing.

Downtown Fort Worth
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Work Trip To DC

I had a customer visit last week in DC area, got to spend some time checking on some food in the area as well as finally getting a pic of me touching the Washington Monument.

It’s so little
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Thanksgiving Trip – 2019

Took a road trip to Denver so the girls could play in the snow for the first time and see their best friend Wilde Nomad, Andrea. Here is a quick wrap up of the trip.

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Lucy was able to use spray paint for the first time at Cadillac Ranch. I think we have a graffiti artist in the making. Found some unexpected dinosaurs in Clayton and Tucumcari, NM.

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San Diego

I was supposed to be going on a work trip and the family was going to meet me. Well conference was cancel but the plane tickets were not.

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Trip to Port Aransas

Took a trip this past week to Port Aransas with my wife and her dad for his birthday. The drive takes about about 3 and a half hours, but is totally worth it. The water and beach was absolutely perfect. There were no jellyfish or tar, the temperature was around 90 degrees and the water actually felt cold at times with waves that were awesome.

Didn’t get a whole bunch of pictures, seems like that always happens when you are enjoying yourself. But thought I would share some of the pics we took. One picture I wish I took was of where we stayed. We stayed at the Laughing Horse Lodge, have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had hotel wise downthere. It was my first time to stay there, but the owners are very accommodating to all your beach needs. The cottages have grills and kitchens, located just a few blocks from the beach you can make trips back and forth for when you need refills very quickly. The lodge also has chairs and boogie boards  you can use so you don’t have to pack as much. Plus it’s dog friendly! Read more of this post