Union Bridge

One of my former clients has a film being released in May.

Union Bridge Trailer

Very excited for him. I really cherished all my clients as friends and I can’t wait to see it.

The Loose Screw Beer House & Garden

The Loose Screw is one of my favorite weekend spots. Luckily living 2 blocks away make it an easy walk with the kids. It is located at Old Taylor High. Has a large outdoor area with lots of tables. Lot of room for kids to run around in the school fields. Food Trucks, live music, etc…

Oh yeah, they also have beer and wine. 42 rotating taps! Everyone is bound to find something they like. There are even non-alcoholic drinks.

Don and Tammy are awesome people. If you have some time on the weekend it is an easy drive and a nice way to spend the afternoon.

The Loose Screw Patio

410 W 7th Street (Old Taylor High School) 
Taylor, Texas 76574
(512) 595-5098

Little Wilde Nomad worker

Thanks to my little Wilde Nomad worker Goose. We got featured on a Personalized Mug.

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Awesome Dog 5000

My former college roommate and best friend, who I don’t talk to near enough, just had his book released. It is AWESOME, literally! It’s called Awesome Dog 5000.

Awesome Dog 5000 Book 1

My girls love it. You will in enjoy reading it to your kids and hearing their laugh that you will cherish forever.