Finally got a smart car

Super excited to have purchased a Tesla Model Y. And to be honest I didn’t purchase it because it was electric, I did it for the autopilot.

The electric was one of the main reason I have been hesitant for years. I haven’t been ready to change everything I have known about driving. I really just wanted the safety of the car, and myself, paying attention to the road.

I am not sure why other carmakers don’t understand this, it the software that brings a lot of people to this car, but then we stay for the hardware.

And I have to say, it’s a lot of fun to drive. The acceleration is something I have only felt in high sports cars. So it is a good thing all the safety features are there.

Autopilot is awesome! It takes some getting used to, but once you and the car learn each other it is very helpful. Make sure to keep a hand on the wheel or you will lose it till your next drive.

So far I am really loving this car. The only drawback is not having CarPlay, but I am sure I will get use to it.

February Ended Up Being Very Cold…

When February started and we found out Phil saw his shadow. We had no idea how cold February would be.

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We got a puppy!

Meet Dolly

Lucy was very persuasive and help us decide that we needed to get Izzy a friend.

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Let it snow!!

Just in case you didn’t know it snowed in central Texas! It is the most snow I have seen outside of Colorado in 20 years.

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We have been doing some painting.

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Dining room ✔️

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Thanks to social distancing we have been able to get a lot done that we have been putting off. Painting included. We have done the Dining Room, Living Room, Play Room and Hallway. Only 1 more room downstairs to go. The blues are from Farrow and Ball. Hague Blue and Stone Blue.

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