Wood Rot Repair

Have some wood rot around a couple of windowsills. Instead of replacing the whole board, I thought I would try using some wood filler.

After getting it all cleaned out I saturated the remaining wood with PC-Petrifier. This solution takes any of the remaining wood, dries it out and hardens it.

After leaving it over night, I added Dap Plastic Wood. I found it better to use than some of the others. It hardened better and it was easier to sand.

Partially Filled

Since it was a deeper hole, I did a couple layers, letting them dry for 24 hours.

I still need to do some other work around the window, but the windowsill should be good for awhile.

About The hipster
About Ryan - For one I never really considered myself a hipster, but most of my suburban Co-worker thought so, I have a beard and glasses. So I ran with it.

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