Time to add a Pool

Texas is just too hot not to be able to take a dip. A lot of people have asked me what the process was like. After taking a couple bids we decided to go with Anthony and Sylvan. One of the biggest concerns when it came down to it, was who wasn’t going to charge more once they started digging.

Let the construction begin.

Here they are bringing the backhoe into the backyard. Just know that all of your grass is going to be destroyed.

Start digging

After paint on the shape the started digging. It was really amazing watching the precision that they were able to stick to the lines with that big of a digger.

Lots of rock

Just like I figured, after a foot and a half down. Solid rock, took and extra four days of digging, but they got it done.

Framed up

After digging they got it all framed up, they got it ready for gunite.

Gunite, Tile, Coping

It all started to move pretty fast, they did the gunite, let it dry a day or two. Then tile and coping.

Added the decking, then koolcote. Which is a must, it reduced the heat by what if felt like 90%.

Time to start filling it up.

Pool all filled up and ready to go

Once it is all filled up, time to invite some friends over and enjoy it.

About The hipster
About Ryan - For one I never really considered myself a hipster, but most of my suburban Co-worker thought so, I have a beard and glasses. So I ran with it.

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